Kimmy's Home Brow Tinting Kit

Kimmy's Home Brow Tinting Kit

Can't wait for your normal brow tinting treatment any longer?

The kit has everything you need to tint your brows at home with some guidence.

My high quality tint is long lasting on brow hairs and really easy to apply.

An instruction sheet and link to mt video tutorial is included in the purchase.




x 2 Brushes

x 2-3 Tint colours

x 1 Developer

x 3 Cotton pads

x 4 White cotton buds

x 4 Wooden thin buds

x 2 Hair clips

x 1 Brow styling gel

x 1 Growth serum



Barrier cream - 

Developer -

Styling gel - 

Tint 1 -

Tint 2 -

Tint 3 -